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Brenda Herchmer is the owner of Grassroots Enterprises, a community development consulting company and an emerging tech start up called Campus for Communities.  Brenda Herchmer has a diverse background gained in a variety of government, business, and voluntary sector settings. Her primary work has involved community building and comprehensive community transformation and the change process and leadership it requires. Technology has always played a significant role in her endeavours. She specializes in community development,strategic planning, and community leadership, recently serving as the Director of Alberta Recreation and Parks Association’s… More Posted on 01-01-13

Want Honey? Plant Flowers!

Practice makes perfect…or at least better.

Recently I have been delivering a lot of training sessions focused on the how-to of community building. As a result, I’m gaining traction in terms of becoming more comfortable and confident with both the content and delivery. However, I wobbled a bit recently when I started to prepare for a session for economic developers.

After all, up until now I have been talking about community building to people who already understand it is as a priority. That is not quite the same as talking to those in a sector like economic development who… More Posted on 07-28-14

3 Paths to Help Conquer the Chaos of Change

I’m having a tough time finding any straightforward workplaces these days. My consulting work is landing me in organizations where everything seems to be complicated and messy. Not only that, the change is often driven by a belief (usually that of the funders or elected officials involved) that there is a one-size-fits-all secret sauce solution that can be implemented within six months.

Needless to say these days it often takes much longer to check anything off my to-do list. Sigh.

Without a doubt this drive for change is due to our constantly changing, hyper-connected world, and a growing recognition… More Posted on 07-20-14

One Smart Cookie

When my brother and his wife split up some years ago, my sister-in-law moved her family to Florida where she was able to obtain a great job as a nurse. While it was a sound choice it also meant I lost the opportunity to develop anything but a casual relationship with my two nieces. That’s changed just recently when Jillian moved back to Canada.

Imagine my surprise and delight after all these years to find we have a lot in common, particularly when it comes to our shared entrepreneurial drive and wanting to make a difference in our communities.… More Posted on 07-11-14

There is Joy in Risk

Two years ago, having been unceremoniously cut loose from the all-consuming community development work I had passionately embraced on behalf of a non profit organization for over five years, I found myself at a crossroads. It was, as Dr. Phil would say, a defining moment.

Ultimately, my way forward would be determined by the answer to a single question, “Do I choose to finally complete the MBA that I had pushed aside for many years, or do I choose to try and make a difference with what I had learned. Clearly I couldn’t afford the time and money to do… More Posted on 06-25-14

What the World Needs Now is Phronesis?!?

Sometimes multi-tasking is a good thing. It has in fact, strengthened the Campus for Communities where I work with a number of other associates as its Founder and Principal Collaborator. 

The grassroots consulting, coaching, and facilitating being done by our associates feeds and shapes the training, tools, and resources we are able to offer via the Campus. In a reciprocal fashion, the training, tools, and resources feed and shape the calibre of what we are able to bring to our respective consulting work.

It works as a methodology - albeit an unexpected one - for curating, simplifying, and… More Posted on 05-19-14

Is Putting Things in Boxes Really the Answer?

I felt her angst. 

In a recent conversation, a colleague and friend for whom I have the deepest respect, sighed deeply, and spoke about how overwhelmed she is feeling these days what with the competing demands of a young family, a demanding job, and a never-ending tsunami of data and information coming at her.

Despite being a woman who is clearly creative, resourceful, and innovative, she went on to speak enviously about those she knew who were good at routines and practices that allowed them to put things - meaning tasks and “to-dos” - in boxes.

While I… More Posted on 05-13-14

Real Conversations, Real Community

It was a first for me.

While we referred to it as a biz-cation, in reality it was five fun filled days spent with three amazing women interspersed with discussions regarding our related work. Business associates who have become great friends, we now affectionately refer to ourselves as the “sistas” (although we may need to rethink that because as reported by one offspring of our group after she texted her mom, her phone had autocorrected “sistas” so it became “disasters”....hmmm).

Given that we are in different cities, we typically have had to rely on technology to connect, however this… More Posted on 04-30-14

Channel Your Inner Mick Jagger

You can’t always do it yourself. Go ahead and sing it now. Channel your inner Mick Jagger because sometimes you can get what you want if you don’t always try to do it yourself.

Maybe it’s because we’re all so busy these days or, maybe there are simply a lot of people who like to control, but it does seem there are a growing number who think it is just quicker and easier to do it themselves. I keep being reminded that while it may be a tempting quick fix to do it ourselves, it is a rather myopic view… More Posted on 04-02-14

I Have a Thing for Quirky People

I have a thing for quirky people.

You know the ones I mean — the artist who is always late, those who are like magpies and are continually distracted by the next shiny thing, and the ones who are brilliant yet struggle within the confines of traditional education.

In large part I find them to be the most interesting people who stretch my thinking and my learning the most. 

While I would describe most of my quirky friends and colleagues as creative, interesting, eccentric, and oddly appealing, there are others who may not share my opinion.

Others might… More Posted on 02-16-14

Ocean Freighter or Canoe?

I’m tired, I’m cranky, I need a good laugh. 

While there are some who might envy those who are self-employed, the reality is that it comes with long hours and sleepless nights. On the flip side, it comes with many advantages and the truth is I wouldn’t have it any other way.

For sure working for a bureaucracy comes with more security and a pension, but even so I’m not sure I could ever go back. As I recently explained to a colleague, it’s akin to the difference between trying to steer a highly loaded ocean freighter and… More Posted on 02-11-14

Together We Raise Tomorrow

This week Albertans were horrified to learn that 741 children known to child welfare have died since 1999—596 more than previously reported.

Not surprisingly, the tendency among most has been to point the finger of blame directly at the province—elected officials as well as government staff.

And, while that is tempting—after all a scapegoat allows each of us to deflect any responsibility rather than lean into what is a very complex issue. But, if we’re going to be really honest, the blame belongs on the shoulders of a much broader group of stakeholders.

Since the post-war boom of the 1940s… More Posted on 01-11-14

Joe Would Approve…Leaning Into Meaningful Work

It’s been almost two years since my mother woke one morning to find her husband Joe had died of a massive and unexpected heart attack during the night. 

He had come late into her life —  several years after she had courageously left an unhappy marriage to my father three years shy of their golden anniversary. Mom and her nine years younger Joe had what my cougar mother still refers to as 12 blissful years together.

While Joe had been a high school shop teacher who had never exhibited any kind of entrepreneurial drive himself, he was supportive of… More Posted on 12-30-13

A Silver Lining in a Potentially Blue Christmas?

I won’t be home for Christmas.

Just putting that in writing makes me weepy.

The reality is that it will be a very quiet Christmas. My husband and I will celebrate, without our children and our respective extended families. Instead we’ll spend some time with friends but Christmas Day on our own.

Ultimately one of the silver linings within a potentially blue Christmas is that it’s made me think a lot about my own values and making sure I’m living them.

Family has always been my most important priority. As part of my Christmas reflection this year, I’ve had… More Posted on 12-20-13

The Few, The Some, The Many?

Technology is clearly both a blessing and a curse.

I’m in the middle of launching our Campus for Communities and for months now have been immersed in the often perplexing world of technology.

However, I’m blessed to have found a company with a brilliant CEO who has become a good friend.  He and his stellar team have helped me navigate and integrate an incredible number of options from among many often perplexing choices. That integration piece has been key and in my opinion is what has made our partnership such a great fit.

Over the last several months,… More Posted on 12-12-13

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