Boomer Reflections

As I write this column I’m sitting on the deck of a cottage overlooking the appropriately named Paradise Lake. Lots of time to think, perhaps too much?

I certainly could have begged off from doing this column - the editor was quite okay with that - but somehow my overdeveloped work ethic and conscientiousness meant I didn’t provide advance notice and therefore feel obligated to meet my regular deadline.

I’m also struggling somewhat, yet again, with the realization that I’m simply not very good at doing nothing. There’s an Italian phrase, “Il bel far niete” that means the beauty of… More Posted on 07-11-08

It’s Time to Unplug Our Kids

My good friend Carol is deeply committed and works hard to live a healthy, active lifestyle. She’s inspirational in terms of how she manages to build fitness into days jammed with the demands of a busy and meaningful career balanced with caring for her immediate and extended family. 

One of the things she somehow manages to fit into her day is walking her nine year old daughter to school. While I’m sure there are days when it would be a whole lot easier to drive, she chooses instead to not only spend quality time with her daughter but to… More Posted on 07-07-08