We Can Do Better

Like a lot of others I was somewhat perplexed by the ongoing, albeit peaceful, demonstrations being referred to as Occupy Wall Street when they first originated in New York in mid September.

While the movement was predominantly driven by young people when it started, it now involves people of many colours, cultures, and political persuasions. As they put it, they are the 99% who will no longer tolerate the greed and corruption of the 1%. Since initiated, the protests have spread to an astounding 900+ cities around the world and, as such, have become a movement that is tough… More Posted on 10-30-11

The Pride and Power of a Horse

I really do have the coolest job. This week I travelled to Whitehorse, capital of the Territory of Yukon, to deliver training.  In addition to meeting some truly wonderful people, I was introduced to a remarkable city surrounded by a stunning vista of mountains and water. With a population of about 25,000 it seems to bring together the best of living in a small community combined with the amenities of a city. Heck they even have a WalMart, a Superstore, and a Canadian Tire.

To be honest, I didn’t know a lot about Whitehorse prior to going there. Populated by… More Posted on 10-09-11

Are Colleges and Universities Ready for the Knowledge Economy?

There is some impressive research happening in colleges and university.

This week I learned about the importance of assistive devices that are enhancing independent living for seniors and persons with disabilities, how the knowledge and experience of presidents and vice presidents is being transitioned to the next generation, and how an awareness of issues and opportunities facing young adults in rural communities are better understood as the result of their voices being heard through an exhibit of the photographs they learned to produce. I saw how health care professionals are being better prepared as the result of simulated learning… More Posted on 10-02-11