3 Keys for Keeping Your Resolutions in 2010

I’m not exactly a poster girl for making and keeping resolutions for the New Year.  Here I am trying to write an inspiring column while, once again, beating myself up for not living a more balanced life, exercising more regularly or losing weight.  Luckily I’m a Pollyanna who always believes the answer is out there somewhere so I keep searching for the magic formula.

However today I don’t even want to think about making any resolutions.  Heck I’m still in my pajamas and working on my first coffee. Good thing there are millions who will make resolutions as it… More Posted on 12-27-09

Cabbage Rolls and Trifle?

Despite the best of intentions to slow down and enjoy the season, the reality has been a rather frantic pace. It makes me especially grateful for the good number of nurturers on our team who do a fabulous job of making sure the human component that drives our work stays front and centre. This priority translates to such activities as meetings that begin with quick, personal introductory exercises. On a team conference call this week, the staff person assigned to facilitate started off by asking each of us to share our favourite Christmas tradition.

People were quick to chime in. … More Posted on 12-20-09