Tough Boots to Fill

Not that long ago while doing some consulting work in a small town in rural Alberta, a colleague and I watched curiously as all traffic stopped and pulled over for what we initially thought was some kind of small parade or celebration.

As it turns out, it was a celebration, albeit a funeral procession celebrating the life of a cowboy.

It was a tip of the hat to funerals of the Old West that were often simple and fitting tributes to cowboys who owned little but died with their boots on.

In addition to a wagon carrying the coffin, the… More Posted on 03-31-13

Listening is a Powerful Force

Without a doubt he was a smart man who cared deeply about his community. He was an active participant involved in many organizations serving in a helping role and as an advocate for many good causes.

She was cut from the same cloth, serving as an engaged, responsible citizen who bubbled with energy and ideas.

With their sound core values, good hearts, and the very best of intentions, both should have been considered stellar community leaders.

Yet, as I got to know them better in recent workshop settings, it became clear they both lacked credibility as well as… More Posted on 03-17-13

Volunteering is in Our DNA

“Volunteering is on the decline.”
“Young people are disengaged.”
“People are abandoning community.”

I heard versions of these same concerns while delivering workshops this week in three very different communities.

While on the surface many would believe these are valid issues, personally I’m not buying it.

I’m not buying it because everywhere I go, in addition to these concerns, I’m also hearing that people are hungry for a sense of community and for being connected to one another. And, despite not always being involved, they very much do want to give back to their… More Posted on 03-11-13

Healthier Lifestyle is Paying Dividends

While the sturdy “baba” genes I’ve inherited from my Ukrainian grandmother may mean I’m never going to be svelte, my workout regime and focus on making healthier food choices just might be paying off.

I’ve recently done a fair bit of work-related travel — Whitehorse, London, and Winnipeg alone within the past two weeks. Despite the reality of hauling hefty luggage, sleeping in uncomfortable beds, and hoofing my way through airports and parking lots, I realized I was holding up pretty well.

Nowhere near as tired as I might have been in the past, my healthier lifestyle is making… More Posted on 03-03-13