Kool-aid and Kids at Hope

I drank the Kool-aid.

While not a religion or anything at all like Jonestown, it is as good as it gets if one defines a cult as great devotion to an idea or movement. It also has a passionate guru in Rick Miller, the founder of a belief system known as “Kids at Hope”.

It began in 1993 as Miller’s reaction to concerns that too many kids were being labeled as “youth at risk”. Fighting back, Miller, the founder and now CEO of the non-profit movement known as “Kids at Hope”, made the decision to flip to the other side… More Posted on 05-25-11

Grilled by a Supreme Court Judge

I survived a cross-examination by Sandra Day O’Connor.

Despite the 1980’s being a blur for me as I struggled to balance family, school, and career, I distinctly remember the widespread excitement when Sandra Day O’Connor became the first woman to be appointed as Justice to the United States Supreme Court in 1981 where ultimately she was to serve for 24 years as a pioneering force.  In 2009 she was acknowledged by President Obama who honoured her with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Consequently, it was quite thrilling for me to learn that Justice O’Connor was to serve as the Honourary… More Posted on 05-15-11

Burned by a Blame Thrower

Maybe it’s because I’m a Libra, but my mother recalls one of the first sentences out of my mouth as a two year old as being, “It’s not fair”.  Unfortunately, that inner two year old recently surfaced and I found myself not only using that same phrase, but using it while whining and stomping my feet. 

It was a reaction to me having felt the pain of being burned by a blame thrower who attacked my credibility with comments that simply weren’t true. It was especially difficult because those comments were made when I wasn’t present to provide my,… More Posted on 05-07-11

Command without Control?

Now that we’ve survived another election, I’m going to apply my Pollyannaish thinking, click my heels three times, and hope that Ottawa can now focus on what really matters.

It seems the United States may already be heading in that direction with the release of a critical document that doesn’t seem to have garnered as much media as would be warranted, even though it makes the case for, and then provides, a new narrative for the entire country.

It is a narrative that answers the same kind of questions Canada should be asking in this time of rapid and… More Posted on 05-02-11