Ode to Those Who Annoy

She was definitely a detail-oriented person.

As follow up to training I had delivered for her organization she asked if I’d like to debrief the session. Always keen to learn and grow, I of course said yes.

After telling me she thought it was a great training session and she had learned a lot, the feedback also included her identifying a few minor typos, suggesting I make the graphics more diversified (quite valid given changing demographics), and adding some missing commas.

Whereas a number of years ago I might have found that kind of feedback to be a tad… More Posted on 11-25-12


I love the character of an older home but I can’t say I’m a fan of the small closets.

As a result, closet culls are part of my routine — typically as the seasons change.

During my most recent clothes purge, I realized my criteria for decluttering was no longer effective and needed to be tightened.

Like many others, I was probably only wearing about 20% of my clothes on a regular basis.

The rest stayed there because they fell within my rather loose criteria of thinking I might wear that article of clothing “some day”.

Since “some day” rarely… More Posted on 11-19-12

Can Your Life Work Actually be Your Play?

I often think about my late stepfather Joe and how for years he prodded and encouraged me to pursue my community building work under my own umbrella.

While I’m not sure exactly why, I resisted the idea of being self-employed for a long time. And yet, life seems to come at us with plans of its own.

So here I am owner of my own company and an emerging tech start up. What is most amazing is that after all these years I finally seem to have landed where I’m supposed to be, doing what clearly is my… More Posted on 11-11-12