What is it that allows one to flourish?

Like many seniors these days, my mother-in-law is in a difficult place.

No longer able to live safely on her own, she has recently moved into a retirement home leaving behind her beloved house where she had raised her family and lived for over 60 years.

While she is now safe and well-cared for, the truth is that her emotional well-being and happiness is very much at-risk.

I was thinking of her this week as I participated in a workshop that shared the concept of PERMA from a book called “Flourish” by esteemed psychologist Martin Seligman — the father of… More Posted on 02-21-13

A Woman of Dysfunction?

I recently had the opportunity to deliver leadership training at a provincial conference. Geared to the presidents and vice presidents of their local chapters, I liked and appreciated this particular organization’s emphasis on identifying emerging leaders and supporting them to develop and grow.

As a result of this priority, they encouraged a young and somewhat nervous vice-president to hone her ability to speak in front of a crowd by having her introduce me.

With my bio in hand and a rueful smile, she proceeded to read a bit about my background.

Among my credentials is an award… More Posted on 02-12-13

Why We Should Care About Global Issues

I am, and have for years, been a passionate advocate of communities and grassroots leadership. The flip side of that has meant that, like a lot of other people, I’ve had a tendency to ignore a lot of what’s been happening at the global level.

While that used to be somewhat acceptable, today, as Bob Dylan would sing it, “the times they are a changin”.

The constantly changing nature of our hyper-connected world means we are all increasingly susceptible to be being impacted by global issues. It will be especially important for us to pay attention because it is… More Posted on 02-02-13