It Might Be Crazy But Its My Crazy

There’s something incredibly sweet about coming home for the holidays after you’ve been away for awhile. Even though things are crazy, it’s all good because it’s your crazy.

Crazy for my husband and I this year involved flying into Toronto at 6:30 am Christmas day and then being wonderfully caught up in multiple family celebrations over three days that spread from Mississauga to Niagara and back again.

All was well but not necessarily calm. But, it was certainly chaotic and fun.

While many traditions remained the same, there were new and interesting twists that enhanced the old. It… More Posted on 12-27-10

Slow Down if You’re Moving Too Fast

Yesterday a good friend recounted how she had recently taken a tumble while heading into the Toronto subway. Thank goodness she was close to the bottom of the stairs as it could have been much worse. As it was, she still managed to sprain both her ankles as well as one of her wrists. As she recounted her mishap, I found myself cringing with more empathy than would be typical as it brought back memories of my own ankle injury that took place a number of years ago. Teaching at Niagara College at the time, I was heading home with… More Posted on 12-19-10

Thinking Like da Vinci

Although it was many years ago, my mother distinctly remembers the reassurance of a kind guidance counselor during report card time. The counselor comforted her by saying that even if none of her five children managed to bring home stellar report cards, they were on track to become solid, all-round, good citizens. 

While she was right about that, the scholastic gene must have misfired when it was passed on to my two delightful nephews who recently brought home exceptionally good report cards. What was most exciting is that both of them received top marks in a category that assessed… More Posted on 12-12-10

Invisibility Comes with Advantages

A good friend of mine, recently divorced, decided she would like, but did not necessarily need, a relationship.  Consequently, she decided to explore a number of dating services, both on and off line.

During her most recent adventure, she ended up at a dinner for eight men and eight women between the ages of 45 and 55. Although not an especially well organized event, she enjoyed the conversations with both the men and the women.  It was especially important for her to learn that the majority found her work to be fascinating – especially the men.  I’m guessing that… More Posted on 12-11-10