The Pursuit of Happiness

Sometimes information just seems to land in our laps exactly when we need it. The trick, of course, is to pay attention. This week as I was speed walking through a store I was stopped dead in my tracks by a poster with these words, “There is more to life than increasing its speed.”

It seems to be a common refrain these days as the majority of us are dealing with more and more data and less and less time. According to a recent digital lifestyle survey by, consumers and web surfers are facing a deluge of data… More Posted on 08-28-11

Is Our Community Ready?

One would think that at this point in my life, there wouldn’t be much left for me to get to know about myself.  As a result, it came as a bit of a surprise this week when a conversation with someone who barely knows me was the catalyst for an insight that really made me think. 

While I know I am a big picture thinker who likes to connect the dots, he made me realize how much I was assuming others saw things the same way. I figured everyone views communities through a lens like mine and therefore understands… More Posted on 08-20-11

When Did I Get Old?

I like to think of myself as being somewhat in step. I read blogs, magazines and newspapers, utilize technology, and try to dress in a way that reflects an awareness of fashion trends.  Most importantly, I see the value, and invest time in, learning from the youngins.  I fight to stay young in my heart and in my head, even though happy hour is now more apt to mean a nap. 

As a result, it came as a bit of a surprise this week to learn I’ve been date stamped.

During a workshop I was delivering, I used the… More Posted on 08-14-11

The Guy in Orange Pants

By his own admission, he’s the guy likely to show up wearing orange pants.

He describes himself as curious, focused, and engaged.  Not only that, he loves learning, reads a lot, and enjoys teaching others.

When asked to describe his personal brand, he suggests it would need to incorporate being innovative and promoting alternative solutions and efficiencies. 

And, while these qualities are those we profess to need in order to respond to our changing world, an employment history within several colleges and universities has failed to capture the head and heart of this bright, well-educated, and engaging young… More Posted on 08-12-11