Leadership Learnings for Active, Creative, and Engaged Communities

“ACE Communities gave us the confidence to say, “We can do this.  We don’t need a professional leader. We don’t need a planned government program. We need some support and some funding helps, but give us skills and we will amaze you.”
                                                                                Local Community Leader


Rural communities get stronger when their leaders do.  And, local leadership… More Posted on 07-22-13

Engrossing But Not Gross

My young nephews, age 11 and 14, are visiting us from Ontario and, of all the possible activities we suggested, their number one interest was a visit to the Telus Science Centre. After consent from their parents was received, they were especially excited to learn the timing of their visit would allow us to take in the Body World exhibit.

Not exactly something I would have signed up for, Body World and The Cycle of Life uses real, human bodies preserved through a process called plastination.

Plastination of the bodies involved removing all of the body fluids and soluble… More Posted on 07-09-13