What the Heck is a MOOC?

September signifies back-to-school but, despite the best of intentions, I didn’t sign up.

I came pretty darn close this year in that I found an MBA being offered in Community Economic Development that caters to those in the workforce. Additionally, it was the only MBA I’d ever found that acknowledged what I’ve already learned and published, providing me with credit for 6 of the 15 courses that would be required. At $2000 per course that meant saving significant money as well as time.

Regardless, something still kept niggling and holding me back from completing the application forms despite the fact… More Posted on 09-16-12

Is There a Silver Lining in Sadness

I thought we were past the boomerang generation—kids moving out and then back in again as their job possibilities ebb and flow.

But, it was not to be.

While it was at our invitation, our youngest son moved in for the summer after his roommate moved out and he found himself at loose ends. Living with us he was able to work hard at a daytime job and pursue his passion for music while building a bit of a nest egg.

While in the end I’m not sure it’s a good idea for adult children to move back… More Posted on 09-09-12