Asking for Help

Last week I hit the wall and had something best described as a mini meltdown.

The initiative I’m directing, while incredibly exciting and meaningful, is huge. Even though I’m blessed with a stellar team as well as a decent personal capacity for chaos and big picture thinking, the reality of a provincial project that is attempting to impact the quality of life in communities is one big hairy beast.

I found myself identifying with those guys on the Ed Sullivan show who spun plates on the tops of sticks and then ran back and forth to make sure they… More Posted on 11-16-08

Lessons from My Mother

While some may think it risky to throw a surprise party for a senior, my siblings and I did just that this weekend.

Over seventy friends and family members, including my older brother from California, my husband and I from Alberta, and others from across the province, travelled to Niagara for a celebration in honour of my mother’s 80th birthday.

Two observations were clear to anyone in attendance.

My mother, Wilma, is a woman beloved by many. The greetings, gifts, cards, and tributes were warm, thoughtful and heartfelt.

The second observation is that my mother is a healthy… More Posted on 11-10-08

Technology is About Connections

Last week I had a chance to spend a significant amount of time with my good friend and oh-so- respected colleague, St. Catharines based Dianne Renton who is the owner of Trendspire Canada Inc.

While ostensibly we were working, we also spent a lot of time catching up, reminiscing, and brainstorming. As always, she pushed my way of thinking.

We were startled to realize that it’s been almost fifteen years since she and I first worked together. We had jointly responded to a request for proposals and to our surprise were hired over much more experienced consultants to deliver… More Posted on 11-02-08