Complexity Stalls Action


I recently overheard a sales clerk ask a young customer about her plans for school. She replied that she was majoring in arts until she could get a handle on what she wants to do with her life.

With a deep sigh the young woman went on to say, “There are just so many options”.

While school isn’t on my agenda this year, I too often flounder when the decisions, options, and tasks become overwhelming. Even though I know it is somewhat irrational, I sometimes put things on the list even… More Posted on 07-28-23

Enough with the Alphabet Soup


Words matter – the simpler the better - especially now when we’re overwhelmed by data and living in a world that is changing at a blistering pace.

Not only are changes resulting in complex issues and opportunities, they have also prompted new, often complex language, taxonomies, and lexicons. Taxonomies being how we classify the information, and the lexicon being the list of terms and their definitions.

So here’s the problem. We rarely seem to begin our responses to these issues and opportunities by agreeing on, and using consistent… More Posted on 07-19-23