Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My

Not sure why, but I’ve got a thing for the Wizard of Oz. Not just because it’s a classic movie, but also because it conveys so much deeper meaning. 

As a result, Oz just seemed to fit like a ruby slipper when our team recently went searching for a retreat theme for our third flight of local ACE leaders who we had been supporting over a two year period to help their communities become more active, creative, and engaged.

As a theme it seemed to fit because, just as Dorothy was always looking for her ruby slippers, so too… More Posted on 09-25-11

Madness in the Method?

Sometimes there is a method to my madness, as my mother used to say. But, more often than not, some people are more apt to think there is madness to my method; especially when it comes to decision making.

Take, for instance, my decision to do five workouts a week instead of three. While I’m really proud of the fact that I’ve managed to haul myself to the gym three times a week for the past year and a half, it never got any easier. Each day I would talk myself in and out of going. After all, I… More Posted on 09-18-11

More Vacations, Shorter Work Weeks, and Naps?

While I do come from a long line of women who’ve always done more than their share of what needed to be done, the truth is I like to work.

Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately, I married a guy who likes work as much as I do. Our saving grace is that we’ve learned to pay attention to the signals that tell us when it’s time to stop working.

It happened last week when we both realized we were totally run down as the result of a summer that hadn’t included a lot of play, and a September that… More Posted on 09-11-11