Its Bad When Being a Walmart Greeter Looks Good

I love my life, I really do.  But last week, despite being blessed with a dear and loving family, fabulous friends, and work that truly makes me happy, I’ve joined the ranks of an estimated 77 percent of workers who, in a recent survey by, reported they are sometimes or always burned out in their jobs. In addition to the high level of employees who report being burned out, 43 percent say their stress levels have increased over the last six months.

To be fair, in my case it may not be as much about the work as it… More Posted on 04-15-12

Five Innovation Personalities - Which one are you?

I’ve never really thought of myself as being an innovator. I do know that I work hard and am quite stubborn. Okay, so make that very stubborn. I’m also self-motivated and like to share what I’ve learned so others don’t repeat my mistakes. Yet, according to a recent study by Forbes Insights entitled Nurturing Europe’s Spirit of Enterprise: How Entrepreneurial Executives Mobilize Organizations to Innovate, those characteristics also help classify me as one of five major personalities crucial to fostering a healthy atmosphere of innovation within an organization. The five personalities were determined as a result of clustering the executives… More Posted on 04-08-12

Goodness, Grace and Gratitude

He felt a little off and thought he might be coming down with a flu bug.

Sturdy and healthy in his appearance, his lifestyle choices had improved greatly since he and my mother moved into together some twelve years ago.  He came to the relationship after losing his wife to cancer.  She, after leaving an unhappy marriage of 47 years.  He managed to resist her attempts to get him to eat vegetables – except for green onions, or give up his nightly drink of scotch or occasional cigar. But ultimately what was of most importance was that Joe and my… More Posted on 04-01-12