Integrity is a Choice Not an Obligation

The negativity of the television commercials for the US midterm elections is depressing. All they seem to be doing is attacking each other’s credibility. If I were an American I’m not sure I’d even want to vote. But, it has reminded me about an amazing woman, named Dr. Betty Siegel, who I met about five years ago while attending a Niagara College management retreat. 

Siegel taught and served in a variety of leadership positions at the university level, including serving as president of Kennesaw State in Atlanta from 1981 until July 2006. Although supposedly retired, she still serves as… More Posted on 10-31-10

Conversations, Connections, and Community Building

I’ve just returned from an exciting conference where I sat through three days of sessions delivered by great presenters, heard two fabulous keynote speakers, and collected piles of reports and brochures providing terrific resources. As enjoyable as it was, if I were to be really honest, the most useful information was collected from my colleagues during the coffee breaks. 

Something like this happened to American management consultant Harrison Owen back in 1983. He spent a year of his life immersed in the details of organizing a large, international symposium. The day finally came and went, hailed as a triumph.

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I Don’t Do Sick

I sure do feel crummy. My throat hurts, my head aches, and I’m craving chicken soup.

I don’t do sick. In fact, I can‘t remember the last time I was ill as it’s been years. While I often credit my good health with my strong, Ukrainian peasant genes, it is probably due just as much to the fact that I’m pretty happy, don’t like being sick, and enjoy my quality of life. 

I’m blessed and grateful to have an excellent quality of life. If I was pressed to explain exactly what that means, I’m not sure I could do… More Posted on 10-17-10

Can Pajamas Increase Productivity?

I swear I heard a collective sigh of relief this past Friday as people geared up for the long Thanksgiving weekend. Everyone seemed to be anticipating the extra time away from work that would allow them to unwind and focus on fun, family, and giving thanks. At least, that seemed to be the ideal.

However, somewhere along the line, I realized that my long weekends weren’t as relaxing and fun as they used to be. When I stopped to reflect, it occurred to me that it was because, for the most part, I telecommute and work from a home office.… More Posted on 10-11-10

Shifting Our Thinking About Shaping Up

It happened quite gradually so I’m not exactly sure when things changed. What I do know is that over the last few months I’ve actually found myself looking forward to exercise.  Never thought I’d see the day, but most weeks I find myself planning, anticipating, and enjoying my workouts.  It is somewhat surprising for me because while I have always known fitness fanatics, I have never been one of them. For me, exercise has always been a necessary evil for keeping the creeping pounds and the effects of gravity at bay.

Six months ago I made a decision to… More Posted on 10-03-10