Where’s the Community Innovation When We Need It Now More Than Ever?

As the result of years of experiencing collaborative learning alongside brilliant colleagues and community stakeholders, working ridiculous hours, and dipping into hard-earned savings for startup costs, I have now been the Principal Collaborator of a social enterprise called Campus for Communities of the Future for ten years.

I should be proud to have kept it afloat. And yet, my reality is that I stumble whenever I talk or try to explain the initiative.

It seems my mixed emotions are the result of the push and pull experience of wanting to make a difference, and needing… More Posted on 08-23-22

Futurism: 9 Practical Strategies for Thinking Beyond Today

There’s something strange in the air this summer. The impact of two years of Covid-19 seems to have made everyone determined to lean into summer in a big way.

The challenge is that some of us may have leaned in a tad too far and have fallen into a napping mode that might be restricting our desire to look too far ahead. Just saying.

Of course, we deserve some fun, it’s been a rough couple of years, but we also need to find some time to think about the future – not just our personal… More Posted on 08-18-22

Why I Don’t Want to Write Like An Academic

The best part about summer for me is that I actually have time to think and to write.

While I understand that may not be everyone’s idea of a good time, it definitely makes me happy even though it’s often hard work.

The challenge for me is that it sometimes means writing as an academic. By way of example, this summer my writing included co-writing a chapter for a textbook as well as writing an article for a prestigious yet somewhat traditional magazine. While both were an honour, they were also personally challenging as… More Posted on 08-18-22