A One-Size-Fits-All Solution for Large Scale Change?

Sometimes it takes an outsider to hold up a mirror to bring clarity to your journey.

This week I received an email from one of our government funders that included a link to an article in the Stanford Social Innovation Review.

The article talked about creating collective impact for social change by working collaboratively across sectors. It pointed out that collaboration, partnerships, networks, and other joint efforts to address specific social challenges, are nothing new. However, as our funder pointed out, the project we’re working on together is a form of collective impact because it is focusing on… More Posted on 04-25-11

Speak Your Possibility

Have you ever been to a conference or presentation where the speaker wraps up by inviting questions from the audience?

Despite typically having a mitt-full of questions, I must admit I’ve rarely had the chutzpah to take any of them up on the invitation. 

However, last week at the Rural Alberta Development Fund’s Blue Sky Conference I made the leap and stood up to ask a question because of a number of points made by the speaker, Eric Saperston, as he shared his story. Eric, a critically acclaimed film director, producer, and writer, spoke about the importance of… More Posted on 04-10-11

Be a Gumby

A while back I did a workshop in London, Ontario. With the permission of the organizers, I was able to invite one of the members of our information technology team to attend. While the majority of our team is based in Alberta, Chris just happened to live in London.  The organizers were surprised to learn that although we had hired Chris on a contract over a year before, the workshop was the very first time we had ever met face to face.

This week we hired a young woman named Montana as our new Knowledge Transfer Coordinator. Although now based… More Posted on 04-03-11