When You Hate Your Job

I recently met a woman who is totally frustrated with her job. Forced into a situation where she has responsibilities that weren’t part of her original position description has meant she is now working at a job for which she has little interest or passion.

What surprised me the most, however, is that she actually admitted she is hoping to be fired. She wants to be fired so she’ll be offered a buyout package. Even when I suggested being fired isn’t something one necessarily wants to see on a resume, she remained adamant that it was the best option.… More Posted on 06-25-12

The Science of Softness

I have a brain that is constantly leapfrogging.

So, while my thought processes may not be typical, I’ve learned over the years just to go with it whenever possible. While it often makes for chaotic conversations, it typically leads to learnings that are deep, rich, meaningful, and informative.

Consequently, when my brain recently landed on the topic of focus groups, it seemed important to pay attention.

Not as random or obtuse as it might sound, the subject was in part triggered by a passage I was reading in Steve Jobs’ biography where he went on record as saying he… More Posted on 06-17-12

Endings are Just New Beginnings

I’m stuck.

Stuck between endings and beginnings. Stuck between leaving five years of the most intense and meaningful work I’ve ever done and an emerging sense of new possibilities.

But, I am struggling.

After all, how does one create a perfect ending? Is it even possible to find a way to finish up five years of all-consuming work and exit with grace?

Ultimately, it seems to be a delicate dance between needing to leave what is over, while making sure it’s importance isn’t lost. It also means finding a balance between believing that endings are just another starting… More Posted on 06-04-12