Four Priorities for Coaches

My sister Nicki did something none of her older, and supposedly wiser, four siblings managed to do the first time round. She found her ideal spouse.

Dan is a fabulous husband and father who is kind, thoughtful, artistic, and hardworking. Oh and did I mention he is six foot four and good looking to boot? An involved father who not only serves as their two sons’ Scout leader, he has also recently taken on the role of coaching their hockey team.

Prior to the hitting the ice for their first scheduled practice this year, Dan decided the kids… More Posted on 11-28-10

Want Tourists? Take Your Cue from What the Locals are Already Doing

What do old cars, scuba diving, and a recreational canal have in common?

In my hometown of Welland, Ontario, they’re being combined to attract tourists. And, according to the experts, it might just be the way to go.

A number of years ago, I served as a volunteer appointed by City Council to the Welland Recreational Canal Corporation. Our job was to serve as “stewards” of the waterway, and to improve, develop, and protect the waterway and its surrounding lands. It was there that I first learned about the potential attraction of the canal to scuba divers as we… More Posted on 11-07-10