We Found our Ruby Slippers in Vancouver

As far as she was concerned my colleague Denise was simply one of many everyday Canadians who had the honour of carrying the Olympic torch on its journey across the country. She wasn’t quite prepared for the notoriety, albeit brief, that resulted. Running her leg through a small town with a hospital on one side of the road and a senior centre on the other, the streets were lined with enthusiastic flag wavers shivering in the cold simply to catch a glimpse of the torch. At the reception that followed at the local community centre, Denise spent most of her… More Posted on 02-28-10

What the Heck is Social Media?

What’s the connection between social media and sex?

Avinash Kaushik, Google’s web analytics guru, published a tweet last year that said, “Social media is like teen sex, everyone wants to do it. No one actually knows how. When finally done, there is surprise it’s not better. 

But while teens might be misinformed about sex, most of them definitely have at least a grasp on social media. But what exactly is social media?

I’ll spare you the convoluted definition posted on Wikipedia, as well as an explanation of the plethora of opportunities provided by tools such as Facebook,… More Posted on 02-21-10

There’s No One Best Way to Learn

I have a good friend who I’ve always thought would make a fabulous teacher. She’s finally making the leap and will teach a course this semester at Niagara College.

Although anyone who knows her is confident she’ll be great, she admits to being a bit nervous. I really don’t think she needs to be as she really does know her stuff.  Additionally, she’s very organized, works hard, and is the kind of person who cares deeply about others. The students will love her. 

In the course of our conversation about her new venture I volunteered to help in any… More Posted on 02-21-10

Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader?

There’s a television show called, “Are you smarter than a fifth grader?”

Quite honestly, I’ve never watched it.

The truth is that while I’d like to think I’m smarter than a fifth grader, I’m afraid to find I might not be.

When I was in grade five, I was a good student although it wasn’t always easy. Virtually the entire curriculum was based on being able to demonstrate knowledge by memorizing and regurgitating information.

There weren’t a lot of opportunities to do something with that knowledge that would require imagination and critical thinking skills – an area… More Posted on 02-21-10

We are More

Canada is so much more than the malfunction of one of the four torch-lighting pillars during the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Opening Ceremonies. The real story, and the one rarely mentioned in the media coverage, is that the organizers got it right…dazzlingly and delightfully right.

In addition to being totally engaged and entertained, I was one of millions who were unexpectedly, deeply, and profoundly moved by what was the most-watched television event in Canadian history. The Ceremonies presented Canada to the world and in doing so helped every Canadian articulate what is unique and good about our country. 

In the… More Posted on 02-14-10

Find a Community then Find a Job?

What do you long for in a community?

It’s a good question and one posed by author and speaker Rebecca Ryan in her recent keynote address at the Economic Developers Conference of Ontario in Toronto. She also shared a major shift being reflected in today’s generation.

For more and more young people, thinking about where they want to live comes before finding a job.

While my generation found a job first or followed a promotion or company move, the next generation has flipped the order. First they choose an active, creative, engaged city and only then will… More Posted on 02-07-10