It’s Not About the Money

Visiting my old office stomping grounds recently, I exchanged greetings with a colleague I hadn’t seen in a while.  As we connected, she asked what one might typically expect, “How are you doing?”

I’m not sure who was taken aback more when I bypassed the standard “Fine thank you” and instead answered with a somewhat surprised tone in my voice saying, “I’m happy. I’m really happy”.

I was taken aback because I hadn’t really thought about it much until the “I’m happy” popped out of my mouth.

It’s not that I’ve been particularly unhappy, it’s just that I’ve… More Posted on 08-31-12

Youth: No Decision About Us, Without Us

Youth Outmigration. 

Although the term was new to me, it turns out our family has experienced it firsthand.

It happens when young people fail to see opportunities in their communities and move out–typically to a larger community where they see more job potential.

Sadly it happened to our family as all three of our sons have now moved away from our hometown and don’t show any signs of returning.

This summer, US President Barack Obama addressed the issue of outmigration as well as other compelling and urgent issues relating to youth when his White House Council… More Posted on 08-19-12

Sport:Training for the Game of Life

I’m soooo confused.

I thought my family would be inspired by the Olympics. Instead, they have become T.V. toads. Recently, exercise has consisted of wrestling for control of the channel changer or sprinting for snacks during the commercials.

Ironic isn’t it? Many have been so busy watching television coverage of the Olympics they haven’t had time to “just do it” any more.

I for one am crossing my fingers hoping that with the London Games being over, my family will be motivated to let their own games begin.

Sports are important—not just for the health benefits (that would… More Posted on 08-12-12

Social Media is Here to Stay

I’ve recently come up for air after spending four years managing a mega provincial initiative.

Although I was contracted as a private consultant to direct the initiative, its all-consuming nature meant in addition to ignoring the importance of a balanced life, I also neglected many other aspects of my consulting business.

Now that I have time to focus on, and rebuild my company, it has become increasingly clear that a more extensive use of social media is necessary.

Apparently I’m not the only small business or organization thinking along those lines.

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