Why Shouldn’t the Public Tell Government What to Do?

Always interested in the role of government in innovation, I decided to participate in a learning opportunity this week provided via teleconferencing. Taking centre stage was Don Lenihan, Vice President of Engagement at the Public Policy Forum in Ottawa who is billed as an internationally recognized expert on public engagement, accountability, and service delivery.

Lenihan began by talking about the changes taking place in today’s world and how its growing complexity means that government can no longer do things on their own. Additionally, public expectations are higher and there are greater demands for transparency and accountability. As a result, he… More Posted on 02-26-12

What’s Good for a Marriage is Good for a Community…

Just as a good marriage needs direct and ongoing communication so too do communities.

This learning was first reinforced for ACE Communities by a woman who had lived in a small Alberta town for some 40 years. During a meeting held to determine community strengths and priorities, she said it was the very first time citizens had ever come together to talk about the kind of town they wanted to be.

The importance of communication was stressed again this week when another town shared a report from a series of community conversations they’ve been hosting. This particular community café… More Posted on 02-19-12

Jobs…Out with the Old, In with the New

My two delightful nephews are pretty busy kids. In addition to being great students, they play hockey, swim, are active as scouts, and take music lessons. Their latest interest, and one they will pursue at an upcoming March break camp at Brock University, is robotics. The week promises to deliver sessions that will involve the use of Lego to build and program intelligent robots that can sense and respond to their environment. Planned activities include building robot vehicles and designing theme park rides and animated characters. 

Despite what you may think, my nephews are not at all nerdy. It’s… More Posted on 02-12-12

Mobile Manners

Yesterday I sat in a workshop listening to a fascinating speaker. Entertaining, meaningful, and relevant, the man had the entire room glued to his every word. Until, that is, we were all startled by the loud ring of someone’s cell phone.

While it isn’t all that unusual to forget to turn off one’s cell phone, most people would have simply turned off their phone, and conveyed their apologies. But, no such luck in this case. 

Not at all embarrassed when everyone turned and stared, the workshop participant simply proceeded to answer the phone with a very loud, “Hello”.

It… More Posted on 02-06-12