Five Ways to Fight for a Youthful Spirit

I’ve always been a fan of both the face and the physique of actor Rob Lowe. Sigh.  However, after his recent interview with Oprah, I must admit to becoming a fan of how he thinks.

Knowing he was 47 years old, Oprah asked Lowe if he was facing the same difficulties as actresses as they approached middle age working within an industry that was so youth-obsessed. Lowe replied that while he couldn’t say for sure; he did know that he wanted to remain young in spirit. He went on to explain that a youthful spirit meant approaching every day… More Posted on 06-27-11

A Cowboy Tips His Hat

While most Canadians are aware of the devastating impact of forest fires on Great Slave Lake, they perhaps aren’t as aware of the many acts of generosity and kindness it has inspired.

I learned about one this past week as I listened to CBC Radio and heard how singer, songwriter, actor, and activist Tom Jackson, somehow managed to pull off a sold out concert to benefit the town within two and a half weeks. Everyone involved with the production described getting it together on such short notice as an amazing act of community.

One of the biggest draws was Canadian… More Posted on 06-19-11

If We Knew Then What We Know Now About Parenting!

While I like to think my husband and I have been good parents to our collective brood, I’m boggled as to why our sons have had any struggles at all over the years. After all, from both a material and an opportunity perspective, they have had so much more than we did growing up.

Whereas both my husband and I grew up in blue collar, sometimes dysfunctional families who had to work hard to pay the bills, our kids had their material needs met, grew up in a stable loving home, experienced the role modeling of solid values, were… More Posted on 06-06-11