We Want to Set Sail with You

I like what I’m hearing from today’s emerging leaders.

Last month, the first ever National Recreation Summit was held in Lake Louise, Alberta. Two hundred “thought leaders” were in attendance from each of Canada’s ten provinces and three territories. Since the Summit was also seen as an opportunity to involve young people, a core group of recreation and leisure studies students were also recruited to serve as meeting recorders. While initially it seemed to be a good idea, and students were delighted to be part of such an exciting initiative with all expenses paid, the reality was tougher than… More Posted on 11-26-11

If its Good Enough for Pixar

I recently talked to a government employee who had been rapped on the knuckles because she had initiated a conversation with an employee who was one level above her on the management grid. Apparently their ministry policy is such that one can only communicate with someone at their own level – no one above and no one below.

Call me crazy but that does seem to be rather outdated thinking. And, if you don’t believe me, believe Pixar Animation Studios.

Best known for awarding winning animated feature films like Toy Story, Finding Nemo, and Cars, Pixar has articulated three… More Posted on 11-20-11

Tracking our Progress as a Country

Last Friday’s Remembrance Day served as a catalyst for getting me, and hopefully others, thinking about what’s truly important. After all, have we become the kind of country our war veterans fought to preserve? Have we made the kind of progress they envisioned?

Until now that might have been difficult to answer with certainty. Now, there’s both good news and bad news in responding to those questions.

The good news is that veterans might be proud to know that Canada has become a world leader in measuring wellbeing. The bad news is that our quality of life needs… More Posted on 11-13-11

A Miracle Drug

My mother is a beautiful and vibrant 83 years young. As lovely on the inside as she is on the outside, she did however recently acknowledge that she was slowing down and didn’t seem to have quite as much energy.

Spurred by her partner who coincidently was ordered by his doctor to get more physically active, they made a commitment to walk together every single day. Although initially the walks left them feeling tired, within a few short weeks they started to see results. Not only were they feeling stronger and more energetic, they were feeling more alert and… More Posted on 11-06-11