What Makes a Valuable Employee?

Although everyone should always be mindful of the need to be seen as a valuable employee, during recessionary times it becomes even more important.

A number of years ago I hired an amazing woman named Alison who distinguished herself during a very competitive interview process. Her answer to one question in particular has stayed with me over the years. The question asked was, “What three words would a previous employer use to describe you?”

Her first two words were ones I had heard before – team player and good communicator, but it was the last one we all… More Posted on 09-20-09

Strategies for Innovative Leadership

No one on our team wanted my job this week – me included. One of our contractors felt so sorry for me that she sent me flowers. 

Staff changes, challenging policy developments, extensive budget reviews, multiple demands, immovable deadlines and difficult decisions have all contributed to this being an even more challenging time than usual. 

And yet, even though I did take time to vent and must confess to attending several personal pity parties, I knew I didn’t have the right to complain. After all, I hadn’t signed up to maintain the status quo and neither had anyone… More Posted on 09-13-09

Community as a Feeling

For years I’ve been trying, with varying degrees of success, to define and describe community and the leadership that’s necessary to make it happen. Now, after several decades of applied research, writing, teaching and doing, I’m happy to report that the picture on the top of the puzzle box is finally becoming clear and focused.  I’ve also learned why it’s been so difficult to nail it down. This is good because I’d hate to think it’s because I’m a slow learner. 

It’s been difficult to nail down and convey the importance of community because it is about “feelings”. And,… More Posted on 09-06-09