Positive Play

Today we hiked.

The heat was blistering but the lead hiker kept a steady, fairly brisk pace for the first 30 minutes. After that she stopped a few times in an attempt to take close-up photos of butterflies alighting on flowers. Shortly thereafter, she vacated the lead position and, having decided a rest was in order, hitched a ride on her Mom’s shoulders for the next few moments before eventually resuming the hike on foot.

The lead hiker was Madison, our almost three year old granddaughter. While much of her independence is innate, research suggests that natural environments increase… More Posted on 07-27-09

The Importance of Third Places

A couple of weeks ago, 30 funky-looking pianos were placed in public spaces around London, England with “Play Me, I’m Yours” printed on their sides. Despite their reputation for being a tad starchy, Londoners responded enthusiastically as professionals and amateurs alike stepped up to the piano while others gathered to sing along. The talent seems to be as diverse as the people who play. One pianist dressed as Chopin and a musical comedy duo played on 24 pianos within eight hours. 

The innovative, interactive art project was designed by artist Luke Jerram… More Posted on 07-18-09

Finding Our Unique Gifts

I’m learning to take better care of myself these days. One woman in particular has been influential in helping me to understand the importance of that self care as an investment in my health and quality of life.

She’s the massage therapist I started to see initially as the result of a workplace injury but now visit on a regular basis. Although she would hesitate to use the term, she is without a doubt a healer. She has this innate intuitiveness that allows her to unerringly zero-in on the part of my body that has absorbed the most stress,… More Posted on 07-05-09