Being a Mentor

While I’ve often thought I’d like to have a mentor, the truth is I never thought much about being one. 

Now thanks to a special young man from Niagara, I find myself in exactly that position.

I must say it’s kind of fun especially because Cameron Sault is without a doubt, a young man to watch. 

While some in Niagara will know him as a Junior B Hockey player, he was identified as an emerging leader by Stacey Green, one of his instructors in the Recreation and Leisure Services Program at Niagara College.

Upon graduating this year… More Posted on 09-22-08

A Six Pack of Competencies

With both the American and Canadian elections in full swing, there’s a lot of talk about leadership these days.

Seems women are being hard hit. Both Hilary and Sarah were slammed for being too aggressive and strident even though they both have impressive track records. Instead of admiring her juggling abilities, this week I actually heard an interviewer ask Governor Palin if it was possible for her to be vice-president while raising a family. It’s a question that no one would even think to ask a man. 

But maybe just maybe it’s because women aren’t building on their unique… More Posted on 09-15-08

Nature Heals and Restores

Last week some friends and I drove out to visit another friend who lives in a wonderfully restored rural home that they lovingly refer to as “the ranch”.

The view was spectacular, the weather was sunny and warm, and sitting on their front deck drinking lemonade and “activating” - as they called rocking in their wooden rocking chairs - was absolutely delightful.

I could almost feel the stress ooze out of my body.  Even more than the rest of us, my friend Carol just lapped up the ambiance, smiling like a Cheshire cat, savouring every minute we spent there.… More Posted on 09-07-08