Brenda Herchmer, the owner of Grassroots Enterprises and Principal Collaborator of the Campus for Communities, has a diverse background gained in a variety of business, government, education, and voluntary settings. A former newspaper columnist with the Welland Tribune she was previously an Instructor in the Community Studies Division at Niagara College in Welland, Ontario. While there she worked with others to found the Centre for Community Leadership (a one stop resource centre for organizational and community capacity building). Brenda is passionate about community development and the community leadership and brings a rich base of experience in collective impact,… More Posted on 09-30-07

Life Advice

Although it has sometimes been a painful journey, our youngest son is growing up. The experts sure weren’t kidding when they say boys generally mature later in life than girls.

To be fair, it may also be that as a typical member of Generation Y he has been searching for work that he can be passionate about but will also allow him to combine work and play.  Additionally, as with many others his age, it seems he has been overwhelmed by the wealth of choices juxtapositioned as they are against the reality of a not-so-rosy labour marketplace.

Regardless,… More Posted on 09-11-07

Changing Social Values

I met an amazingly energetic and vibrant woman this past week who unabashedly admitted to having just turned sixty five.
Despite having just come off a weekend that included her daughter’s wedding and a house jam packed with visitors, she looked wonderful.

She shared that part of her joy was learning her thirty-seven year old daughter had found she was pregnant just prior to the wedding. While the couple hadn’t expected to have children quite so quickly, everyone on both sides of the family was absolutely thrilled.

In another conversation, totally removed from the first, a… More Posted on 09-04-07