Finding Holiday Joy

While I like to consider myself one who loves change and embraces trends and early signals, this has been a challenging year to say the least. And yet, could it be there might just be a silver lining?

This week I made a quick late evening visit to a local mall where shoppers were pretty sparse. As a result, it was a bit of a surprise to hear a hauntingly beautiful version of ‘White Christmas’ being played on what could only be a grand piano.

As I followed the sound to what I was sure had to be a live performance, I came across a pianist in the centre court playing on a grand piano.

The gentleman was oblivious to there only being a sprinkling of people listening as it was clear he was immersed in his own world, playing a wonderfully stylized version with such heart and spirit that it stopped me in my tracks. I was drawn into the moment of such beautiful, yet achingly nostalgic music that I found myself blinking hard to avoid tears.

As the song ended, I remained standing in the virtually empty centre court, applauded enthusiastically, and let him know how much it meant by motioning with my hand to pat my heart. He nodded his thanks, smiled, and patted his own heart.

I walked away realizing that in addition to being reminded of the joy of music, I had also received a gentle reminder that despite an incredibly challenging year, we can still seek, experience, and savour moments of joy. 

May you and your loved ones, have a holiday filled with joyous moments.

Warmest regards

Brenda Herchmer

Posted on 12-18-23

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