The Tattoo That Made Me Want One


While I like to consider myself as one who loves change and embraces trends, tattoos are something I’ve personally never been able to get behind.

In part its because when I was growing up tattoos weren’t especially mainstream. Unless of course you considered sailors, bikers, and criminals to be mainstream.     

Mostly though, I’m not a fan because I’m easily bored and tattoos are just so darned permanent. Heck, I get tired of wearing the same sweater after six months, so why would I want a tattoo that not only sticks around forever but often fades, withers and droops with age?
However, as the result of a recent meeting with an outgoing and spunky woman, I might just have to change my mind.

During our conversation I happened to notice a tattoo on the inside of her forearm written in a graceful font resembling elegant old-fashioned handwriting. I asked her about it, and learned she had it done as a result of navigating through a difficult time in her life and decided she needed words to serve as a mantra to live by. Having it as a tattoo meant it would be a constant yet gentle reminder that she always had a choice as to how she could respond to what was happening in her life.

Her tattoo read, “I Choose Joy”. 

While I’m still not sure I need a tattoo, it’s definitely one I would entertain as it would be an ever present prompt that we all have a choice about our lives and how we live it.

Experts suggest a number of strategies for finding joy in one’s life. These include concepts such as hanging out with positive people, focusing on practicing gratitude, being fully present for moments of joy, embracing nature and physical activity and creating positive daily rituals. Sometimes it may also mean letting go of what has happened in the past. But perhaps most importantly, it’s about what the woman with the tattoo emphasized – focusing on finding your purpose and giving to others.

In the end, perhaps it’s about inviting and be open to a good life? Ultimately, it might just be a choice. So why not choose joy? 

Posted on 10-25-22

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